Designing a Smart Kitchen? Don't Forget the USB Ports

August 20, 2019



When people envision their dream kitchen, they often see it as a whole, completed project. But as you start the design process, the details begin to come into focus and you realize the smallest feature can make a big, big difference.

Such is the case with the tiny USB port.

Functional Kitchen Plug-ins

Smart kitchen design focuses on convenience. That means plenty of electrical outlets right where you need them. Like on each end of the island or whichever countertop you use for food prep. Why? Because more people than ever are substituting out their printed cookbooks for virtual recipe collections on tablets and other devices.

Outlets with USB ports let you charge your tablet while also plugging in mixers, blenders, and other small appliances—no more cube blocking the way! There are several designs to choose from:

When designing your new kitchen, pick one, two, or all three to simplify your life!

To hear more on why Laurel believes every smart kitchen should have USB ports, check out her Tip Tuesday video here.