How the Design Build Process Works | Part Two: Project Development

September 20, 2018


Project Development AKA Design Development

Putting a plan in place for your remodel or new build is an exciting phase of our Project Development process. We start by gathering photographs of your existing space, site measurements, site surveys, and, if necessary, consult with our structural engineer. If indicated during our initial walkthrough, we may also do some light demolition to find suspected hidden conditions.

We then use the pro version of Google SketchUp, a 3D modeling software program to build our asbuilt model of your home. We follow this up with the proposed drawings of what your finished space will look like. Once a floor plan is agreed on we work with you to begin selecting all of the finish details for your project. Cabinets, tile materials and layouts, lighting and the many other finish materials that make up a home renovation will all be selected in our design studio. We'll make special trips to vendors showrooms if needed.

This step in the process is one of the most time consuming, but also the most fun! To move things along, we create what’s known as a Design Gantt Schedule that lays out tasks, responsible parties, and projected milestones.

Finalizing Your Project’s Design

Once the design concept is finalized and you’ve made your material and product selections, our design team completes the specifications, plan views, and elevations. Design drawings include all of your finish materials as well as all of the construction details our field team will use to put your project together. Small changes may be made to the drawings at this stage to reflect last-minute design decisions.

Once the designs are complete to everyone’s satisfaction, all involved team members personally review the project, providing us with any additional feedback based on their particular area of expertise.

Information in hand, we prepare a detailed construction proposal and a preliminary construction schedule.

Then it’s time to get building!

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We hope this gives you a good idea of how the Project Development / Design phase of your project works. More importantly, we hope it also makes the idea of designing and remodeling one or more rooms of your Atlanta area home a welcome one!

Whether you’re looking to remodel an existing home or build a new one, we invite you to view our portfolio and then contact us to schedule a conversation. We look forward to meeting you!