Renovations & Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 23, 2016

For some food dishes a little of this and a little of that is a fun way to make dinner. But for anyone who has ever made chocolate chip cookies you know the 'little this and little that' method is the quickest route to throwing your hard work in the trash. The method behind the perfect chocolate chip cookie and a great renovation are strikingly similar.

Here are 3 ways to apply the lessons we can take away from cookie construction.

Number ONE: Have a Recipe- In the home industry we call this 'Defining the Project.' At this stage we are creating our recipe; our project specifications, our selections and the order in which to build. We have a plan so we can work the plan. Without one we are operating on assumptions and intentions.

Number TWO: Gather the Ingredients- Imagine beginning to put together the ingredients for your cookies and having all of the items in the mixing bowl (including the 'ice cold milk' the recipe instructed) and you realize that you don't have the stick of butter that was called for. Now you have to leave everything sitting on the counter to run to the store. The cookies will still taste good but the milk is no longer 'ice cold' so something is missing. Similarly, if your builder has not verified your selection items are in stock and ordered what is necessary before you begin, you could be stuck with sour milk.

Number THREE: Use REAL chocolate chips- Not all chocolate is created equal. Some chips are a little waxy from added ingredients like vanilla and soy. Similarly you will need to research and vet the renovator / builder you are selecting for your project. The 'ingredients' you are looking for is licensing, insurance, references and good online reviews.

And of course once you have experienced the perfect cookie you won't except anything less.

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