2022 Forecasting – Trends and Designs for the New Year

January 31, 2022

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to look at the trend and design predictions for 2022 and see how they are stacking up. Whenever you are preparing to design a space, you want to parse out the trends that look great in a magazine, but won't last; and the ones that will stand the test of time. It’s one thing for an editorial shoot to feature a short-lived trend, it’s another thing to spend your budget on something that will eventually date and even devalue your home. That being said, if you truly love something then it will always be in style for you!

This is part of what makes working with an entire team or professionals invaluable. Our design team has their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what will last, while our construction team can speak to how permanent and impacting each design element will be. Bold paint color? Go for it! Removing every wall in your house for an ultra-open concept? Let’s chat about that to make sure you love the permanence of that floorplan. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the top predicted trends of 2022 and rate them as a Classic Contender or a Passing Fad. 


Maximized Windows, Zero Dressings


We’ve started seeing a big uptick in the number of windows in a room, and a decrease in window dressings. Whether it’s a new construction build or a renovation, homeowners and designers are asking for more and larger windows. Since they are spending more of their budget on the windows themselves, they choose to highlight that investment by not hanging curtains or shades. 

Our Rating

This is a great case of a win-win. No one has ever regretted putting in a window, and if you decide you need a little more privacy, it’s not hard to add a curtain or other treatment down the road. We love the look of the large, unobstructed windows. We also love that you can change your choice to go bare (window-wise of course!). For that reason, we are giving this trend a Classic Contender rating!


Warmer Color Pallets

Roman+Williams_Studio_051photo source

The past decade in design has been ruled by the Minimal, White Color Pallet. Many people who renovated their spaces opted to paint things out in a clean white and often chose grey or cooler toned accents. One trend on the horizon is warming things back up again with natural tones as well as adding some color back in with bolder and darker pallets. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t the browns from the ’90s coming back to haunt us. This reimagined pallet connects interiors back to the organic with tiles, textiles, and artwork that highlight the beauty of the natural world. 

Still aching to paint it all white? Don’t worry, classic white will always be in style. However, consider warming up your space by shopping for textiles or wood tones that will keep your design from feeling too cold or clinical. 

Our Rating

As long as you stay away from the brown shag and opt for the Italian terracotta and umbers; we give this a Classic Contender!


Periwinkle Pantone

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 10.30.40 AMPhoto Source

Here’s another color trend for this year. Pantone announced their color of the year as Very Peri, a light purple color that is said to enhance creativity. We love a bold color pallet as much as the next guy, and this is definitely a way to go bold and bring the unexpected to your design. 

Our Rating

Due to the ever-changing Pantone colorways (there is a new one each year) and the specificity of this pallet, we have to give it a Passing Fab rating. However, we think it is a fun color to work into your design through art, decor items, or textiles.


Invisible Kitchens

This trend is one we started seeing last summer and it’s continued to make an impression on designers and homeowners alike. No, it’s not a futuristic, high-tech trick that actually makes your kitchen invisible. It’s a design solution that incorporates your kitchen into the rest of the house. Instead of highlighting big, stainless steel appliances and sleek surfaces, it tones down the industrial feel of a kitchen by embracing more natural elements and high-end or unexpected cabinetry. 

This look can go very European and even cottage-style, or it can remain minimal and subtle.

Invisible-Kitchen-i29-interior-architects-5Photo SourceScreen Shot 2022-01-21 at 10.42.25 AMPhoto Source

Our Rating

Since this trend lends itself to many design styles, we give it a Classic Contender rating for the intentional design elements it brings to kitchens. 

Tried and Trending

Whether you are eager to try one of these new trends, or like the comfort and tried and true design, we hope you had fun taking a look at what 2022 might have to offer! Be sure to visit us again soon for some more design inspiration and news!

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Until next time!