Behind the Scenes of the Design/Build Process

April 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered how a Design/Build firm actually works? You're not alone. More homeowners are choosing to renovate and looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t compromise quality. Choosing a firm that houses both design and construction in one place streamlines the process and keeps all lines of communication flowing. 

But how does it all work, and are the pros really worth the investment? In this post, we take you behind the scenes on our process, from initial design to final walk-throughs. 


Intentional Beginnings

Any process we develop has to work for the client first and foremost. It doesn't matter how efficient and effective we are if homeowners feel like they are on the outside looking in. Or even worse, if they feel like they can't keep up or understand our process. This is why our approach begins with the aim to de-mystify and uncomplicate everything from project conception to completion. 

Renovations have a reputation for being stressful. The goal is to break that mold by making it more than easy – we want it to be enjoyable! Let’s take a closer look at how we accomplish that and deliver beautiful homes to our clients. 

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Conceptualization & Scope

Homeowners usually have a good idea of what they want to do in their space or what functionality they need to adjust or create. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a tour must be worth a million. This is why our first step is always to schedule an on-site home visit. Going into the space ourselves allows us to understand the pain points and potential of the room or home. It also allows us to spot any foreseeable issues from the construction side that could alter or redirect the design or scope. Designers are great at what they do, but having someone look at the space with a technical eye saves time and allows better allocation of funds. Timeline and budget are everything to a homeowner. This is one step we take to protect both. 

The greatest value in this step is communication. Understanding what the client needs, listening to them, and seeing how they live in their home is invaluable. This visit sets the tone for the entire project. It’s so important to get it right. 


Designing in Detail

Once we have a broad overview of what we are doing, it’s time to fill in the details. The collaboration between our design and production teams has become invaluable. Innovative thinking from both teams means that clients can have their cake and eat it too. We never want to choose form over function or function over form. Our goal is always to elevate both. 

This is a fun part of the process! We host our clients in our studio to explore samples and see the inspiration photos they’ve been saving from magazines and Pinterest. This culminates in a 3D rendering presentation where clients can walk through the design. It’s an exciting day for the entire design team, especially the client!  


From Blueprint to Reality

Before bringing that dream design to life, we have to get in and demo the existing space. Depending on your personality, this is either the best day or the scariest day of your life! Thankfully, we know how to set the stage to calm your nerves. 

Our first priority is protecting your home and health during the renovation. We use plastic tarp, tape, signage, and more to ensure everything stays as clean as possible. We have areas designated for specific use for our teams and communicate with anyone coming on-site what protocol is while they’re on the property. Just because there is a renovation happening doesn’t mean the safety and security of your home should go out with the old fixtures. 

The Project Manager stays in constant communication with the client throughout the entire process. Our goal is for each homeowner to feel like more hands are added to their project, not that they are handed off to the next person. Your designer, the owners, and the project manager remain part of the renovation and are always available. 


The Final Walk-Through

Once all the workers and dust have cleared from the site, it’s time to present the new space to the owners. This walk-through serves as a victory lap and introduces our warranty program, After Care. After Care manages any remaining items (commonly called a Punch List) and ensures the lasting quality of all craftsmanship and finishes. This is another layer of trust that our clients have come to love about this process. 

074bffc9-4c5d-4f5c-b4c8-b69e362de8b3_rw_1920We hope this post served as a primer for how Design/Build works and why we crafted our process the way we did. We hope you feel confident starting your journey with a Design/Build firm. If you live in the Atlanta area, we would love to talk about your upcoming renovations and how we can help.

Your home is the heart and hub of your life; our goal is that each person or family we work with lives better and enjoys home more!

Until next time!