Favorite Five - June Edition

June 3, 2020
June is here, and we are so excited to share our favorite five things of the moment! But before we do, we want to acknowledge that as much as we believe it's important to recognize the things that make us smile, it's just as important to recognize the things that make our hearts hurt. We stand with those who are hurting, and our prayers go out to you. We believe the best is yet to come, and we will stand with the hurting until it does. We hope today's light-hearted post brings some joy to your day! xo - Laurel


1.  Bathroom Drawer Canisters



2. Dyson Hairdryer



Speaking of hair tools, another big favorite of mine is the Dyson Hair Dryer. Now, this is absolutely a splurge item. I was able to get it as a Mother's Day gift this year, and I will say it's fantastic! It has helped me save so much time in the morning, and my hair is left feeling soft and looking shiny. If you're in the market for a new hairdryer and have a special day coming up and want to treat yourself, or if you're starting your Christmas list early, you should check it out!


3. Rosemary as a Potted Plant

grow-and-care-for-rosemary-plants-1403406-hero-f7c10af75e484e5884218ef22d6082ffImage by Leticia Almeida via The Spruce.

I've been loving using Rosemary as a decorative potted plant. It's aromatic, has a beautiful color, and it's hard to kill:) The perfect plant companion for your kitchen, we recommend keeping it by your sink or window and regularly pruning as needed.


4. Antigua Mist Wallpaper

IHome Blog Wallpaper26295As you may already know, we are currently in the process of expanding our office and studio! We've had a blast picking out the perfect materials and furniture for our new space. One of the things we wanted to highlight is the wallpaper we selected for the Woman's restroom. It's the Antigua Mist print from Jennifer Latimer. It's sooo pretty and refreshing and would also be gorgeous in a powder bathroom. We put the design board for the women's' restroom above. I can't wait to share a photo once it's finished!


5. Ceiling Treatments

19-14-1 Image by Infinite Home. Project: Farmhouse on Moore.

tyrod-2-43-of-77-scaledImage by Infinite Home. Project: Tyrod Taylor Home Renovation.

Our last favorite for today has to be ceiling treatments! Ceiling treatments are a beautiful way to elevate a room. Check out some of the examples from our projects above! Adding tasteful treatments like beams to a room, work exceptionally well for spaces that are painted white. They help add depth and interest and prevent an all-white room from looking too stark.

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