Favorite Five: October Edition

October 7, 2020


Welcome back to the blog! Despite all the changes we've experienced so far this year, we hope things are looking up for you and your loved ones. We hope whether you're still at home or slowly easing back to your routine, that you are staying safe and well.

This summer was one for the books! But we're looking forward with bright eyes and hopeful hearts for fall. And today, we're greeting the new season with a fun Favorite Five! If you're new here, Favorite Five is our blog series, where we share our top five favorite things of the month. So here's our roundup for October! It's a yummy one! We hope you enjoy! - xo Laurel


1. Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

2020 is the year of the homemade pizza! After watching so many 'Cooking with fire' shows on Netflix, David was excited to set up our side porch with a pizza oven. We had to wait two months for our Ooni Pizza Oven to arrive due to overwhelming popularity, but it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. This little tabletop oven is our favorite way to cook dinner these days. David has been perfecting his pizza toss, and the boys and I are experimenting with ingredients. I'll list a few things our family has found helpful in addition to the pizza oven we purchased.


2. Wooden Pizza Peel

Since the pizza oven's optimal cooking temp is 932degrees, you'll want something similar to the item I linked to keeping your hands far away from the opening. This pizza peel looks like something an Italian chef would use and has been known to make David say 'Mama Mia!' while using it. :
Once you get the pizza in your oven, you'll need to turn it quickly. This guy does the trick nicely!
This flour was recommended on so many pizza-making sites, and we give it a big thumbs up too!
Did you notice the size of the flour bag I linked above? 55lbs! After it arrived, I immediately hopped on Amazon and purchased these to help corral the ingredients. They stack nicely too!