IHome Design Studio Expansion: Construction

April 15, 2020

Welcome back to the IHome blog! For today's post, we're continuing our IHome Design Studio Expansion series! As promised, here is an in-depth overview of the next phase - construction! xo - Laurel

Our construction process is designed to minimize disruption and anticipate challenges, all in the pursuit of giving our clients an enjoyable remodeling experience. We apply the same method to every job we do, including this one. This was especially important because the space we're working on is not only a job site, but it also doubles as a full functioning office for our team! Before we began working from home, we all continued working in the offices. We truly got to experience what our clients go through- living through a renovation!

  • Our project manager Justin did an incredible job of keeping our job site neat and tidy and the noise to a minimum. Below is a photo of what used to be our setup. It was far from glamorous, but it worked!

temporary office space construction

  • After the framing and mechanical work, we move onto the drywall and trim! This is when the space begins to take shape, literally! Here are some photos of the progress!

shiplap knee wall

shiplap knee wall

  • Paint is complete! We went with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. We can't wait to show you this space once it complete.


  • Check out our expanded front Studio below!

design studio construction

  • For the Studio we opted for shiplap painted in Agreeable Gray.

shiplap painted in agreeable gray

  • Here's a look at our completed storage room!

Do you need help with your expansion? Or perhaps you would like to renovate or build a beautiful new home in the Atlanta area? We invite you to view our portfolio and then contact us to schedule a conversation! We look forward to making your remodeling ideas a reality!