Our Design-Build Process

March 11, 2020
We are often complimented on how we manage to keep our projects on track, while still achieving high standard craftsmanship. We owe a lot of this to our organized and efficient design-build process, which is what we'll be talking about today! You can have an excellent team (which we certainly have), but if there is no system or process, things can get crazy, real fast! We hope this glimpse inside our process shows you that it is possible to have an organized, smooth, and enjoyable experience during your renovation! We hope you enjoy today's blog! - Laurel
Step 1 - Complimentary Home Visit
After our phone consultation, we set up a meeting at our client’s home to get acquainted and further evaluate their remodeling or building needs and ideas. Important details for us to consider include their project’s timeframe, budget, and vision for the finished product (Houzz ideabooks, Pinterest boards, and magazine clippings work great for this). At this time, we will advise them of any foreseeable issues, such as structural, plumbing, and zoning concerns, and take rough measurements where needed. Generally, this meeting lasts no longer than 1 hour. Within a few days, we will present a Design Agreement, which includes a written scope of work and estimate of cost for the project.
COST: Complimentary.
TIMEFRAME: Visit takes approximately 1 hour. Design Agreements are presented within seven days of the initial visit.
Step 2 -  Design, Refine, and Develop Fixed Cost
At this stage of the process, we put the plan in place for the renovation. We will gather existing site information, photographs of the existing space, site measurements, site surveys, and consult our Structural Engineer if necessary. A light destructive demo may be required to identify hidden conditions. We then create as-built drawings and our initial proposed drawings at this time. Next, we will be assisting in the gathering and/or selecting of the clients finishes with them. At the end of this phase, they will have a completed Construction Agreement with all plans, specifications, selections, and final fixed investment amount for approval.
COST: Varies by project, but roughly 6% of the total estimated project cost, which applies to your construction agreement once engaged.
TIMEFRAME: Varies by project
Step 3 - Time to Build!
Once our client approves the fixed price construction agreement, detailing all of their selections, project specifications and budget, we will begin the renovation! Our Production team will pull the necessary permits and begin construction. Our client will continue to have access to our project management software to follow their project’s progress through this phase, see daily site photographs, follow along with your renovation calendar, and communicate any questions you might have through this portal. During construction, we place particular emphasis on protecting the home and maintaining a pristine work area. The dedicated Project Manager will serve as the point person during the construction phase and will brief you weekly on progress. Our entire team is available (by both phone & email) should any questions arise.
TIMEFRAME: Varies by project
COST: Varies by the project (Pricing Guide link)
Step 4 - After Care
When construction is complete, we thoroughly clean the project site (including dusting, sweeping, and remove any lingering construction debris). David and Laurel will schedule a visit, and will provide the client with a personal ''Renovation Handbook,'' which includes your selected items, any change orders requested along the way, care instructions, and warranty information for the project. We'll be in touch again at 60-days and again at 1-yr to see if we can be of service to the client and if any warranty items have arisen that we can schedule our After Care department. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations as outlined in our 2-year warranty, including all workmanship, materials, and structural elements of the renovation project. Infinite Home LLC has been successfully servicing customers during the warranty period since 2010. Since most of our business comes from referrals, we look forward to servicing our clients' projects as the need arises.
COST: Free
TIMEFRAME: Following Project Completion
If you are interested in working with us or have a question about the services we offer, please schedule a call! We'd love to hear from you and help you improve the way you live in your home!