Project Highlight: Luxurious Open Concept

October 28, 2021

What happens when you fall in love with the perfect property but the house itself isn’t checking all the boxes? It’s simple really – you can’t change the land your house sits on, but the house itself can be renovated and redesigned to work for all your needs.

That’s just what happened with our clients in this project, the Luxurious Open Concept. You’ve seen a few peeks on our social media channels, but now we are showing you all the details that make this project so special. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 9.08.27 PM

Great Beginnings

This client came to us after purchasing a dream of a property, but a house with a few less-than-ideal features. They knew that the kitchen and primary suite needed reworking to suit their needs. All great projects start with a great plan, so we got to work on one that would transform this house into the client’s perfect abode. 



Approachable Luxury

The land is what brought them to this property, so it made sense to rework the three downstairs bedrooms into an expansive retreat with a new primary bedroom, bath, and closet. Their bedroom overlooks their gorgeous property so we added a sitting area for them to enjoy that as much as possible. 

8ac1d6c7-a4b0-4a0b-a8a1-87691642a011_rw_19201b017bcd-c351-417d-a1b5-92c9463e437a_rw_1920da2edf66-0868-4176-a5f9-0496b30c1555_rw_3840In the bathroom, there was so much natural light working in our favor that made the most of every design choice made. It’s luxurious, warm, and elegant without compromising on functionality. 


We can't leave the primary retreat before showing you the stunning closet renovation!

f7d74152-f189-462e-b766-89ce469b0c90_rw_38406dda6b1e-4426-457c-91e0-9a4f04cbba6e_rw_1920We continued the theme of approachable luxury into the kitchen. This space needed to be able to host weekly family dinners for 18 people. Needless to say, we moved walls to create a working kitchen that didn't sacrifice on style. The butler's pantry hides away small appliance overflow and provides a place to store catering dishes.  



We zoned the kitchen to help traffic flow when entertaining their large family.  First was the coffee bar (of course!) that was a must-have request. Our client had found a beautiful tile with gold accents that she wanted to incorporate in the space.  Our design team fell in love with it and brought the idea in for the brass bars to be placed on the display shelving.  The idea really came together in a collaborative way and it ended up being one of the best moments in this kitchen. 

089c353c-849b-481f-9959-513af5b2c57d_rw_1920955d09cc-dc99-40e1-890b-2b89b535939e_rw_3840In the dining room we added a buffet bar to help with food overflow when they host. It also provided a beautiful place to display their collection of heirloom pieces. 


Home At Last

We love how this project came together so beautifully! Best of all, the clients are so happy with their new home and feel like it is just how it was always meant to be. We hope you enjoyed taking a peek at this space! It was a joy to be part of this home’s story.

Until next time!