Project Highlight – Sys Con Offices

September 30, 2021

The average American works an average of 90K hours in their lifetime. That means a huge part of our lives are spent in an office. It’s also been shown that being in a well-designed space has a positive effect on your mood and behavior. This could explain why more companies are leaving behind the patterned carpets and dropped ceilings in favor of what we call the “resimercial” style. 

As its name suggests, this new trend seeks to replicate the warm, welcoming feeling of a residential home with durable and practical furniture and materials. We had the pleasure of recently helping Sys-Con Construction revamp and reimagine their offices. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Let's Take a Tour!

We started in the lobby by creating a chic and comfortable place to receive and welcome international clients. The cool tones are balanced with natural touches to keep the room from ever feeling cold or stark. Don’t be afraid to add plants, vases, and lamps to your lobby. The return on investment will pay off with your potential clients feeling relaxed before their meeting starts. You can even set up a rotation for plant watering and replacing so that it isn’t up to one person to remember. Take a look at this post on the lowest-maintenance indoor plants. 

Next, we redid the workstations and breakroom to be worthy of all the creative work that’s done there. Clean, warm, and inviting are a few words we’d use to describe them!

We knew the conference room needed to feel executive, impressive, and spacious. The lighting in this room was ideal and did most of the work for us. The furniture had to be comfortable, yet durable and we found these up to the task!

Lastly, we have the executive offices including the CEO’s office. We knew both of these needed to be inspiring spaces that still left room for creative thinking and problem-solving. What we came up with was a space that provides both.

What do you think? We loved the opportunity to bring calm, creativity, and innovation to the Sys-Con team’s offices. And remember, good design isn’t only for the home. Many of us spend most of our time at work, and you deserve to be surrounded by great design all day.

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Until next time!