Project Highlight: Warm + Worldly Abode

September 22, 2022

“Travel leaves you speechless. Then you turn into a storyteller.” 


When our client approached us with this kitchen and bath renovation, we knew there was a story to tell. Her home was an eclectic canvas of keepsakes and antiques from her travels—the reimagined space needed to be as exciting and evoking as the travel itself. 

In this post, we will take you along on the journey this home went on as we updated the kitchen and the primary bath.

A Curated Kitchen


Our client does a lot of cooking, and having a functional space where she can use fresh ingredients without feeling cramped was important. By utilizing open shelving, we were able to give the kitchen a more open feel and also provide a place to display all the beautiful antiques she’s collected. 

The handcrafted Cle Zellige tile provides the perfect backdrop for her display. We went with an ungrouted installation to allow for visual movement. Each tile is handcrafted in Morroco, so no two are the same. This, along with the warm wood tones, creates a space that is inviting and also interesting. 

Speaking of cabinets, we gave these stained wood cabinets a modern feel by selecting a 'slab style' door construction that allowed for the grain to come through still. This design element tied in beautifully with the European villa look, completed by the one-of-a-kind collection of our client. 


A Layered Bath

The main challenge the bathroom presented was that we needed to accommodate a decently sized shower and fit in a freestanding tub within a small overall footprint. By setting the clawfoot tub at an angle, we could fit all the elements in, and it ended up lending itself perfectly to our client's layered style. 



Mixing the finishes of the fixtures allows a depth in that space that uniformity wouldn’t lend itself to. All in all, it is a striking bathroom with all the functionality and aesthetics.



We Cooked Up More…

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Until next time