The Right White

June 28, 2021

Some things never go out of style. A great white paint is a homeowner’s best friend and a trusted staple of the design world. Let’s talk more about the classic color and answer some questions clients have had in the past. 

Which White is Right Where?

This all depends on what we are painting and where we are painting. One of our favorite whites for kitchen cabinets is Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. While we recommend having your cabinets professionally painted to get the best results, if you tackle this yourself go with a satin finish in your paint. We found this post with some great tips. 

When it comes to doors and trim, another one our designers always recommend is Sherwin Williams Pure White. It softens the space but still looks fresh. 

When painting a bathroom or basement, it’s important to keep lighting in mind. Typically those spaces are either smaller, or darker than the living spaces. This means your white paint will pull double-duty in brightening up the space as well as making it appear larger. Anywhere that might get wet or dirty use a satin finish to help it clean easier. 

Before we move on we have to give an honorable mention to Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It’s a classic shade that we find ourselves turning to time and time again. 

White painted brick is a big trend in design right now, and we do not foresee that changing anytime in the future. It is an affordable option to get a dramatic result. We love using Sherwin Williams Soji White or Greek Villa for exterior projects (brick or siding). Take a look at how you used that color on brick to transform the exterior of our client’s home. Keeping the white creamier and softer will avoid having anything too glaring or bright. 


We always recommend testing out the different shades you are considering before starting any large painting project. Take a look at the samples during different times of the day so you can see how the undertones show up with various lighting. 

Additional Resources

Still feeling lost? Don’t worry, we compiled a list of resources to help you find your way to the perfect white paint!

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We hope this post was helpful and that you feel confident in choosing the right white for your project!

Happy Painting!