5 Hot Design Trends You Need to Know About

When you engage in a design overhaul or new construction, it’s usually with the intent to create a space that is holistically your own. Design features go a long way in creating space that is..

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The Advantages of Using a Design Build Firm

Hand in hand, every step of the way. That’s the design build experience!

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spring fling giveaway REVEAL

When we began this giveaway last month we were secretly hoping that our winner would be in dire need of an update because who doesn't love a dramatic makeover?    It turns out Harley Davidson orange..

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Fresh Cut for Spring


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Beneath The Sheets {How to Create a Hotel Bed @ Home}

We've all been to a beautiful hotel or two and enjoyed the most luxurious sleep on a bed that we want to wrap up in a bow and take home with us. This feeling of bliss is apparently so common that you..

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Houzz...bringing homeowners & remodelers together

In the remodeling/building/designing world websites like Houzz and Pinterest are changing the way professionals interact with their clients.  Last week David and I were invited to a Houzz..

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